Mind Transformations

It’s all about inner programming.

The reason why some people are just more influential, better communicators and able to get fast, effective, yet sustainable results is because of the programmes that run inside them.

The good news is – we too can enjoy similar great results. The key is in mastering the way we programme ourselves.

NLP is the technology that enables us to do just that.

Welcome to the longest continuously-running NLP training company in Asia!

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Learn. To Apply.

NLP is not a skill that just shows up in certain parts of your work.

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Long Lasting Happiness & Success
ARE achievable

This is what we believe in, and what kept us going.
For 18 continuous years and counting.

If we helped one other person become happier, healthier or more successful every day, we would be helping humanity advance and evolve.

When we're at our best mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, when we're in control of ourselves and take responsibility for our actions, we have an impact on the people around us and ultimately the world.

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I’ve spent a large part of my life looking for answers to one burning question ~
"What makes change last?"

"I’ve gone from the Intellectual Academic approach to the Rah-Rah Motivational Hype and the Touchy-Feelie Drama kind of courses. Maybe you identify with some of these experiences; they didn’t give me the kind of results that I was looking for.

I've found my answers in a simple word.


Congruence is the key to influence and power because it's when our Words, Emotions & Body are in total alignment."

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- Barney Wee
Founder & Principal Trainer
Mind Transformations

And lasting change does not happen just at the mental level.

We advocate Integration, which is based on the principle that sustainable change comes from aligning the different realms of human intelligences: the Intellectual (IQ), Emotional (EQ), Physical (PQ) & Spiritual (SQ).

Instead of proclaiming that one realm is more powerful than the rest, we progressively integrate all of them.

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"During the training, I felt permanently-coached myself."

- Jessica Larsson
Executive & Team Coach

Our NLP Training
3 highest leveraging skills.

A leverage is a point in a system where one can accomplish big results just by spending minimal energy.

Just like Bruce Lee's martial art philosophy, one single punch timed at the weakest spot can bring the opponent down, even when the opponent is bigger, better and faster.

For personal development, we have found that 3 skills have proven to be more useful, dependable and long lasting in life, as compared to certificates and titles.


NLP & Communication


NLP & Coaching

Self Mastery

NLP & Self Mastery

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