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A Hero's Journey

Overview Hero's Journey
Personal Alignment Quantum Psychology
Intent-Driven Actions Mission Statement
Multi-Dimensional Enneagramic NLP

Every one of us is on our Hero’s Journey.

The things we do every day, the things we are frustrated about, the worries we have, they are all part of our Hero’s Journey. They reflect the lessons we need to learn, in order to get to the next stage of our evolution.

But if we choose to ignore these lessons, they will become bigger, louder, and even scarier, just so that we really pay attention to learn them.

Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey helps you avoid painful lessons by giving you a structure to re-examine your life. You will gain an understanding about the stages of life you are at, and prepare yourself for the stages that follow.

Higher order change & personal alignment

Our personality, values and beliefs are the greatest determinants of our habits and capability. That is why when conflicts and contradictions exist at these higher order logical levels, changes become difficult and unsustainable.

To attain personal alignment
, you will be taught the Logical Levels of Change to facilitate a congruent connection of your logical levels. A change in your higher order logical level, almost always produces an instant shift in your behaviours and capabilities.

Bring out the best of your personality

We often box ourselves into a certain personality, claiming that this is who we are. But as the saying goes, whatever we think we are, we are always more than that.

This is where the Enneagram comes in, to help us see our personality patterns, such as what drives us to do something and what holds us back. With these patterns, We discover how we can develop towards our best healthy selves.

With Enneagramic NLP (MT’s unique marriage of NLP & Enneagram), you get to identify your personality type and your shortcomings; and then make use of powerful NLP intervention techniques to create sustainable personal change.

The path towards a more meaningful life

The NLP Master Practitioners training provides a guided process to help you define the first draft of your life's Mission Statement.

This gives you a roadmap of where you are headed in life, and the way how you intend to serve the collective We – the greater good.

And of course there’s more we want to bring to you from this programme!

You will be taught a range of other powerful tools and techniques, such as:

Quantum Psychology – A new discipline of quantum physics and psychology. You will learn how emotions are represented in our body in the form of energy and how to transform these “stuck”, energy states into more resourceful and life sustaining energies.
Multi-Dimensional Diagnostics – Everything is connected, and hence the more clearly you are able to see these connections, the easier you are able to find the leveraging point of intervention. If you are a coach looking to raise your skills, you will gain valuable experience from the process of producing a multi-dimensional SCORE diagnostic report, looking at a coachee’s overall situation with multiple perspective lenses
Not just head, but body knowledge – Somatic Syntax will take you to explore the next-level in human physiology study - how we express meaning with our body. This modality will teach you how to read micro body expression, as well as show you how the subtlest change in physiology can influence the overall emotional state.
Belief Changework – The skeletons that are locked away in the closet are still skeletons every time you open the closet. While you may try your best to avoid opening the closet, it also stops you from venturing forward in life or performing at your best. Belief changework will be a very useful tool to deal with issues about asking for money, self-sabotaging relationship habits and self-induced performance barriers.
Values Alignment – Often the unknown triggers of negative emotions and conflicts in relationships, values resides at a high order in the human logical level. You will identify the energies associated to these values and learn to disarm unproductive ways of expressing an important value.
And many more…

As you can already see, the NLP Master Practitioners training is a very comprehensive and holistic programme.

And on top of the value you already see, here’s what we promise:

  • A smaller class of maximum 39 people.
  • You will get more personal attention from Barney and Agnes and our course facilitators.
  • Greater depth and focus on integrating multi-disciplines
  • 60% class room time focused on hands-on activities

If you give your 110% to learn, by the end of the course, you are going to experience some if not all of the improvements our graduates have reported, such as:

  • Your intuition becoming sharper
  • Clarity about your direction in life
  • Greater awareness about your gifts
  • Ability to generate your own NLP techniques on-the-fly
  • Greater confidence in facilitating deeper and more complex changes for your clients

You cannot be the same person, and expect a different life.

- Barney Wee

There should be no excuse in bringing out the better version of yourself.

Time will flow to what is important.
Choose to act on what is important.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course

Days & Dates

24 - 28 Aug 2019
21 - 25 Sep 2019
19 - 24 Oct 2019

16 days over 3 modules, 9:00am - 6:30pm


TUV SUD PSB Building,
Da Vinci Room

1 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118221

See Map & Directions


S$4290 S$3990
Secure the Early Bird Offer before 16 May 2019
This year's class is FULLY BOOKED. You can put your name on the Priority List. There may be a few seats available closer to June.

Payment by 0% Credit Card Installment over 6 / 12 / 24 / 36 months is available upon request.


24 - 28 Aug 2019
21 - 25 Sep 2019
19 - 24 Oct 2019

(16 days over 3 modules, 9:00am - 6:30pm)

TUV SUD PSB Building
(Da Vinci Room)
1 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118221
View Map & Directions

$4290 S$3990
Secure the Early Bird Offer before 16 May 2019
This year's class is FULLY BOOKED. You can put your name on the Priority List. There may be a few seats available closer to June.


Course Prerequisite
Certified NLP Practitioner
NLP + MNLP Bundle Rate

ICI Coach Certification
Certified Life Coach
Certified Executive Coach

Accommodation for foreigners
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Course Faciltator / Contact Person:
Hans - info [a] nlpsgasia.com / +65 8186 7508

What Master Practitioners are saying

"I am very happy I went about Master NLP... (because) that was exactly where we (understood) why we used certain tools... it makes whatever tool you use more powerful & more convincing."

- Cynthia Zhai
Voice Coach

""Master Practitioner has been good, it really gave me alot of bolts and nuts that I needed for more transformative work (in my training programmes)."

- Lye Yen Kai
Professional Trainer

"Through Master NLP, I have a deeper clarity, multi-dimensional understanding and awareness of my own emotion states, mental strategies and energy types/levels that I carry in my life & how it influences the people around me... I'm living my life much wisely and ecologically, while serving my long term vision."

- Alfred Chung
Course Facilitator
Mind Transformations

"The Master Practitioners Course has been able to reprogramme me to that extent that I'm able to now see what is important in my life or what is left of it..."

- Pradeep Kumar Gobind
Lawyer, Distinguished Toastmaster

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