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Barney Wee

Founder & Principal Trainer | NLP Trainer | Enneagram Trainer | Life Coach | Organizational Development Consultant

"Through training, consulting and coaching,
I help people BE the change they want to see."

Barney Wee is one of Singapore’s most advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainers. His training, consulting and coaching sessions revolve around simplicity and practicality, arming participants with tools and skills to immediately apply in their lives.

Also a licensed Isvor-Dilts Management Consultant, and an appointed Human Resource Management Consultant by the ASME, Barney is known for his dynamism, energy, originality and positive provocation towards personal and organizational change, coupled with measurable roadmaps and processes to implement successful change. He brings with him his rich experience, as foot soldier and manager of managers in the service and training industry, in sales and financial planning.

Trained by the original developers: Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. Tad James & Robert Dilts respectively

Over the past 17 years, Barney has trained hundreds of NLP practitioners and thousands of people in the practical applications of NLP, such as Sales, Communication, Coaching, Interviewing Skills, Personal Effectiveness and especially “Changing of Mindsets.” Through his training, Mind Transformations has become the leading provider of NLP solutions in Singapore and South-East Asia, training the largest pool of NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners in Singapore, and is the only organization that has produced to date 26 Certified NLP Trainers. With team effort to proliferate the practical applications of NLP in the region, Mind Transformations network of life coaches, trainers and consultants is growing steadily.

Media Appearances

Barney's appearances on local media such as TV's Premier 12, Channel NewsAsia, Suria and 938LIVE are clear signs of the local growing interest in the mind sciences. His work and writings have been featured in the Straits Times, The Sunday Times, Health Digest and the Be Magazine.

In 2011, he was invited to speak at 2 international telesummits, alongside industry leaders in the fields of NLP Applications & Happiness at Work respectively.

Most recently, Barney was featured in a local business autobiography book, “From Rags To Riches”, illuminating the journey of local entrepreneurs who raised themselves from humble beginnings to become industry icons. The book features Henn Tan, Mary Chia, Dr. T. Chandroo, Adam Khoo, Ken Chee, Dennis Wee etc.

“Through the learning I've had the privilege to experience in my life, I'm helping people to accept themselves for who they are today, learn from their past, find their own gifts and enrich it. I've risen from a background of poverty, poor education and ill-health to become a trainer and coach where organizational leaders & senior executives have come to me for advice. Until 15 years ago it was impossible, but with NLP, Enneagram and Quantum Psychology, I'm building a world where people live to contribute their best.”

Some of Barney's Corporate & Institutional Clients

Barney breathes structure and practicality into his NLP training. Be it communication, personal development, emotions management or linguistic patterns, you will be taught to see the positive intention behind each learning, making it easy for you to replicate the learning's takeaways into different facets of your life.

Certifications & Licensing

  • NLP Trainer (American Board of NLP)
  • Enneagram Personality Trainer (International Enneagram Association)
  • Isvor-Dilts Leadership Management Consultant, USA
  • Human Resource Management Consultant appointed by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Stress Management Consultant (International Association of Counselors & Therapists)
  • Hypnotherapy Instructor (The American Board of Hypnotherapy)
  • Time Line Therapy™ Instructor (The Time Line Therapy Association)
  • Trained in Impact Teaching, a brain-based teaching

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Awards & Nominations

Graduate Acknowledgements

Singapore Women's Everest Team

Thank you, Barney for being a great coach and mentor. Your words of wisdom has sustained me throughout this journey.

- Lee Peh Gee
Singapore Women's Everest Team Member

"It's always wonderful to see someone practice what he preaches. Barney embodies NLP and uses its techniques seamlessly. So you'll be able to learn the NLP techniques consciously and best of all not notice that you are learning."

- Tan Li-Anne
General Manager (Singapore)

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