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How to get people to travel, change their schedules or pay more, just to sit in your class?

Do you wish your classes were...

HIGHLY ENGAGING - your learners take ownership and participate actively.

STIMULATING & MEMORABLE - your learners apply and remember for a long time what you teach them.

ENJOYABLE - not only do they learn valuable things from you, they also enjoy and look forward to more!

Well, who doesn’t, right?

But sadly, too many trainers forget that they teach groups of human beings. Human beings have a limited attention span and treating them like computers that download information is simply inhumane!

Introducing the Impact Teaching Workshop

This is NOT another Train-the-Trainer workshop.

We teach you specific training skills based on the neuroscience research called Brain-Based Learning so that your learners can learn faster, remember more and want to come back to your sessions again.

We call these “Humane Presentations”.

If you are a Teacher, Trainer, Lecturer, Facilitator or simply someone who aspires to turn your subject of expertise into impactful classroom lessons, this workshop is for you!


Sustaining your learners' attention for 3 hours non-stop - is POSSIBLE!

Most Train-the-Trainer programmes will only teach you how to captivate attention.

The question is, once you move past the phase of getting attention, can you effectively KEEP the attention and continue delivering your content?

This is where the science of State Change comes in; and you will be so grateful for having learned this!

We will teach you how to observe the mental and emotional states of your learners, how to effectively change their states, how to do at least 20 state changes during a 1-hour class.

AND most of all, how to do all these without pulling your hair out!


We know that your intention as a trainer is probably to deliver as much content as possible in the shortest time. We can also safely assume that you don’t want to be drained at the end of every class you run, do you?

With Impact Teaching strategies, you can stay relaxed at the front of the classroom and let the learners do the heavy lifting.

Yes! They are the ones who should be working hard, not you! Your role is that of a facilitator who creates a safe environment with useful learning opportunities for them.

Imagine the end of the session: they walk away feeling that they have gained something, their minds are stretched and they are able to articulate what you have taught them. How does that make you feel?

Pretty good, doesn’t it?

"When I first learned about the Impact Teaching Workshop, I thought it was another Train-The-Trainer workshop with too much time spent on "how to be charismatic", teaching me to be someone I am not. I was rather skeptical, but I went ahead because I wanted some quick and easy tips and tools that I could use to improve my training.

After the programme, I started applying what it taught me, and I soon noticed how people responded to my commands. And the best thing was that I didn’t have to stand there and talk, and try to impress people all the time. People were so productively engaged among themselves that, to a large extent, they were teaching themselves.

For me, one of the most useful things about this programme was "How to give instructions that work - in a powerful manner." You gain clear before-and-after evidence of how you train - and this allows you to become more relaxed and people will be more responsive to your instructions.

I always recommend this programme to my students who are trainers and teachers because of the difference it has made in the way I train."

Barney Wee, NLP Trainer

Here's a summary of what you will be taught:

- How to Give Effective and Easy-To-Follow Instructions. There is no other Train-the-Trainer program that will ever teach you how to give precise instructions that reduce confusion and get your learners organised quickly in an interactive learning environment.
- How to create the State Changes to keep learners engaged and extend their attention span.
- Framing your lessons to instil learner ownership and increase their motivation to learn.
- How to Get Responses and remove the awkward silence after you asked a question.
- The Five Part Model. Brain-compatible lesson planning for maximum engagement and learning retention. This will change the way you design your lessons forever.
- How to Use Music to enhance learning and recall.
- How to make the best use of your Visuals and Powerpoint Slides that not only make your lesson easy to remember, but also provoke response from your audience.
- How to be confident at the front of the room and Easily Build Rapport with Participants, without becoming someone you are not.
- The Power of Precise Word Choice. How to avoid using words that create negative mental associations and confusion and how to turn them into positive ones.
- One simple strategy to quickly Put All Participants in Listening / Learning Mode.
- How to create an Emotionally-Safe Learning Environment in which people are willing to shed off their defenses and participate fully.
…and much more…

Your Trainer is Lye Yen Kai

Lye Yen KaiTrained by the original developer Dr. Rich Allen, Yen Kai is the ONLY Certified Impact Teaching Trainer in Asia. He has been training Youths, Corporate Clients and Educators for more than 15 years, in which based on the feedback gathered, his workshops are “safe”, “interactive”, “practical”, “engaging” and “life changing”.

With his vision of “PASS IT ON” and quest to be an excellent trainer, he has also completed the rigorous Brain-Based Learning (BBL) certification by Eric Jensen, he holds a Master Degree in Adventure Education (Plymouth State University), he is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, and an honouree for Spirit of Enterprise 2010.

"What I liked most about the programme was the trainer himself - his attention was fully with the learners, constantly monitoring needs, willing to take feedback and make adjustments to make the learning more meaningful; the material was well thought-through and made simple to understand; we learned by experiencing – by doing and exploring.

The difference that I see in my work now is that I can engage people more formally and informally because I understand the science behind how human attention works. As a coach, I learned to ask to-the-point questions and give my clients the time and space to answer them. As a trainer, I obtained tools to cater to different learning styles, to mobilise all the senses and make learning stick. "

Xiaolin, Relationship Coach

"I was concerned with the cost of the course. What made me sign up was that I know Yen Kai personally and had attended his basic facilitators' course. He's a good trainer whom I respect.

Now I am more aware of the underlying reasons why I cannot capture the attention of my learners and I also learned to use other techniques to engage them. What I like most about this programme is that we got to do micro-teaching using the techniques that were taught. We improved after every micro-teaching. The pace of the teaching was comfortable and there were always visual reminders on the wall to help us with the learning.

This course is applicable to your work no matter which field of teaching you are in. It's a good course, I highly recommend it."

Puah Mui Kiang

Expect to be physically engaged, mentally challenged and thoroughly entertained

This is a highly-interactive, participant-centred programme.

The entire workshop design, the activities, the way in which the Trainer engages you and gives instructions—they are all examples of Impact Teaching at work.

What’s more, you will be doing “live” presentations, and will receive coaching from the Trainer and your classmates. You will put to test what you have learned and see how other people respond to you.

At the end of the programme, you will be more confident at the front of the classroom, you will be able to quickly put your learners in learning mode and you will experience yourself becoming a better trainer even before the end of the workshop.

"This is probably the best experiential learning I have ever attended. The program is designed for us to learn by ourselves in a very open environment. It seems like what I learned is installed in me including the trainer's attitudes. Without going back to handouts, I still remember the process well. And I automatically used some techniques and observation to improve my sessions.

I feel that I am more confident as a trainer now, in the way I deliver key messages to participants. I am better at getting gems and opportunities to improve my work. These things were once difficult for me as I did not know how to handle them well. The programme trained me to pick the good aspects of comments, as well as how to hold the whole class and serve everyone.

I would recommend this programme to others because it gives quite an experience that will make you learn from every part of you; and this is how the learning lasts. You can also learn from your mates in class who bring with them distinct skills. Lye Yen Kai is a very good facilitator and trainer who will make sure that you are active and do what you need to do well before he allows you to pass. "

Noppawan Phosopsawat, Trainer and Coach
Prana Consulting, Thailand

"During the course, I can demonstrate the concept taught straight away, hence I gained more awareness about my personal blind spots as a trainer. I recommend this training because there are many tools and techniques to pick up and you can definitely use them if you work with groups."

Catherine Chai, Corporate Trainer

If you are committed to seeing your learners:

  • be constantly engaged purposefully
  • put their efforts to learn
  • learn with their peers
  • have fun while learning
  • remember the content
  • want to come back for more

... then this workshop is for you!

Impact Teaching Workshop 2013


Impact Teaching Workshop

Days & Dates

21 - 24 Jun 2014

4 Days, 9:00am - 6:00pm


The Grassroots Club
Level 2 Dance Studio

190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Singapore 568046

See Map & Directions


S$1990 S$1890
(Valid till 12 June 2014)

Buddy Incentive: Write in to enquire how you can enjoy an additional S$100 off for your course fees.

You can also file for PIC claim for 60% of your course fees or 400% tax deductions.

There are only 24 seats left. Sign up today to avoid disappointment!

Call (+65) 8186 7508 or write to alfred[a]nlpsgasia.com if you have any other questions about this workshop.

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