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Dr. Supalak Khemthong

Asst. Professor, Writer, Speaker

How a stroke can be a blessing in disguise

Dr. Supalak Khemthong, Ph.D., is currently the chairperson, instructor and Assistant Professor for the Division of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Physical Therapy at Mahidol University in Bangkok. He has written three books and does research on life recovery self-management and occupational therapy transformative education.

And yet, just a few years ago, he was a very different person. Dr. Khemthong was a stroke patient and he went through a difficult recovery process. He could have remained disabled for life.

When we first heard it, his story made us feel humble and grateful, while at the same time gives you a nudge to step up and do something amazing with your life.

Dr. Khemthong credited NLP as having been something that has played a major role in how fast he was able to get back on his feet. He was already an NLP Practitioner when he was hit by the stroke, and so his understanding of the connection between the mind and the body and how greatly they influence each other was vital.

His NLP-helped recovery was even published in a Thai newspaper:


“NLP played a big part in the process of recovery; it taught me that I needed to love myself and it gave me very good emotional coping skills, which are closely related to my physical and psychosocial fitness and to rebuilding my brain capacity.

NLP firstly helped me to stop procrastinating and take action to become an assistant professor in occupational therapy and it’s enabled an alignment between my beliefs, my mind and my body.

Secondly, I’ve become more creative: I’ve created a concept I called S.M.A.R.T. T.R.E.E.S., a participatory community research for 650 Thais, which led to my writing three academic books:

- Occupational Therapy Volunteer and Brainy Mindfulness (Pocket Book)
- Knowledge Translation for Self-management in Thais
- Leisure Participation and Quality of Life Related Chronic Fatigue

Today, what brings me the greatest satisfaction is when I’m able to help others recover in the way I’ve helped my own self after the stroke.

In all this, Barney has been a great mentor and role model for me and his coaching helped me recover from my stroke three years ago.”

Dr. Khemthong has integrated NLP in his daily personal life and in his work with his patients and students. He’s truly a change-maker who gives hope to people who are suffering from mental and physical disabilities and serious injuries, helping them recover or improve their condition.

We wanted to share Dr. Khemthong’s story as it is truly inspiring. He’s a walking example of keeping going even when the going gets tough. No matter what happens, with the right frame of mind, and emotional and psychological tools, we can overcome anything and go out to make a difference for others having the same struggles.

“Since young I’ve had the desire to help people be more mindful and health conscious. Today, it is my life’s mission.”

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