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The Complete NLP Training

For Results That Sustain Long After The Training is Done

While our education, certificates or titles are important in today’s society, at the end of the day, what’s essential is the way we carry ourselves, our confidence and competence, our congruence and belief in ourselves.

These things inside our inner programming - are what we can rely on to take us forward and give us a lasting edge.

You can utilise your SkillsFuture Credit for all our NLP Certification Courses!

People take up NLP because they want to become a better version of themselves, in a short period of time - and NLP is a good modality to create fast, but sustainable changes.

Some have hit a glass ceiling and they need a breakthrough, some want a career boost, while others - to get to know themselves better, to live a more purposeful life.

With NLP, we first gain self-awareness and we’re then able to work on our mindset, on improving the way we respond to our dynamic world, on taking our performances apart to put them back together - into a better version - more quickly than any other therapy can do.

Our NLP Programme is for people who want to take charge of their lives, to go beyond just solving surface problems, to become congruent and happy. It’s for you if you’re ready to do the work and take ownership of your life in order to then see the results you want.

Let’s talk about 2 brutal truths:

1. There are many people who are not smarter than you, but they’re doing better in their career and life.

2. Many people have a great education and many skills, but they’re not getting what they want.



Over the years, we’ve been fine-tuning the focus of our NLP training to help people attain results fast. What we’ve learned is that there are 3 main reasons why most people succeed and stay successful for a long time:

  • They know how to understand people and communicate with them
  • They’re confident and they draw people to them because of their self-trust and self-mastery
  • They know how to bring out the best in others by working with them on their goals

Because these are so important, we’ve turned them into the 3 main pillars of our NLP training:


NLP & Communication


NLP & Coaching


NLP & Self Mastery

We call them...

The 3 HIGHEST LEVERAGING SKILLS to help you achieve what you want, external conditions aside.

The term "Leveraging Skill" is used here because a small improvement in any ONE of these areas will give you a definite improvement in all other aspects of your life.

But first, what is NLP?

If we take its components separately...
(N)euro - (L)inguistic - (P)rogramming,

NEURO refers to the nervous system (the mind) through which we process our experiences via our five senses.

LINGUISTIC refers to language and other non-verbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning (pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes, words or self-talk).

PROGRAMMING refers to the ability to discover and utilise the programmes (neuro + linguistics) that we run in our neurological systems to achieve our desired outcomes.

In other words, NLP really is . . .

A technology that provides us with an identifiable and replicable way to manage our mental patterns and strategies.

Mind Transformations’ Complete NLP Training

We Teach You NLP for Whole-Person Change
+ 6 Integrated Modalities

NLP is often taught as just a skill set or a psychological tool that helps people get good results in their communication. But in our school, after 21 years of working with NLP and studying people, we understand the importance of integration.

While many battle over which modality is more powerful, we utilise NLP as the base, and progressively integrate other modalities like the Enneagram, Systems Thinking, Map of Consciousness, Somatic Syntax & Brain Gym, Energy Psychology, Meridian Tapping and more.

In short, we integrate all the critical intelligences, IQ, EQ, PQ (Physical) and SQ (Spiritual) to help you create effective change and see tangible results in your own development, coaching and communication-related outcomes.

And most importantly, you learn the very core of NLP - which is the lasting ability to model the best from successful people and use it for your own results.

When you graduate from our programmes, you don’t know NLP; you live NLP. This is our definition of a true NLP Practitioner.

"NLP was worth every penny I paid for it. It has allowed me to gain more rapport with people and to control my emotions.

This is translated into several benefits:
1. improved sales and marketing results,
2. improved staff coaching and productivity, and
3. better family relationships.

I plan on sending all my staff to Mind Transformations NLP courses to drive the results through my organization. I would recommend the NLP program to anyone. "

- Paul Stefansson, Head of Investment Specialists in Funds, Hedge Funds & Private Equity, Sales Trainer, Speaker, CFA, CAIA, Canada

Applying NLP into the 3 HIGHEST-LEVERAGE skills above, we bring you a complete training that gives you TRIPLE development over a step-by-step, comprehensive and integrated 12 + 16-day programme.

With an 21-year track record in which we’ve tried & tested different structures for our modules, we now present you our most optimised version of personal development, allowing you to progressively internalise the learning, improve your life and see the results you desire.


NLP Practitioners Training

Module 1:
Foundations of Human Inner Programming - Understanding How Our Brain Works FOR Us and AGAINST Us

Day 1 - 4

Be in charge of your mind and you are in charge of your results.



NLP Practitioners Training

Module 2:
Coaching Self and Coaching Others - Learning to Detect The 20% that Makes The Biggest Difference

Day 5 - 8

The reason why NLP is able to get results more quickly than many other modalities is that it focuses on leveraging points - the 20% that create the highest level of change.



NLP Practitioners Training

Module 3:
Developing Congruence - Putting Your Words, Emotions and Body into Total Alignment

Day 9 - 12
Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioners Training Module 1 & 2

The only way you no longer need to fake it or worry about being judged is if you’re totally congruent and authentic; this is one of the most important markers of personal excellence.



NLP Master Practitioners Training

Module 4:
Posturing and Moving Your Body for Outstanding Performance (Body Intelligence)

Day 1 - 5
Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioners Training

Our brain thinks, but our body knows.



NLP Master Practitioners Training

Module 5:
Understanding Our Core Fears & Motivations - Overcoming the Limitations of Our Identity

Day 6 - 10
Pre-requisite: NLP Training Modules 1 - 4

Identity Alignment is a unique addition we’ve made to our NLP Masters Training.



NLP Master Practitioners Training

Module 6:
Catching the Ninjas of Our Minds - Advanced Techniques for Working with Values and Limiting Beliefs

Day 11 - 16
Pre-requisite: NLP Training Modules 1 - 5

Does it ever happen to you to know what you should be doing, but for your body to do the exact opposite?



*The NLP Practitioner Certificate will only be awarded upon completion of Modules 1 - 3.

*The NLP Master Practitioner Certificate will only be awarded upon completion of Modules 1 - 6.

*For those choosing the by-the-module option, there is NO maximum time validity for participants to complete all three modules.

"I have always had doubts about how this NLP course was going to help me and how I could fit it into my hectic schedule. I actually put off attending this course for 4 years, until at one point, I decided that I had to be accountable for myself.

As a result of taking this course, I changed to become less emotional; I can think more clearly by applying the questioning techniques, and I became more mindful about how I respond to other people. I see my relationship with my wife improved, and I am now able to acknowledge myself on a daily basis. All these actually worked on my self-esteem. I am now listening more to my inner self and having more confidence to share while still having the humility in me to nurture greater relationships with people.

I recommend this course because it allows people to take responsibility and action for themselves to begin living the life they truly want!"

- Justin Ang, Trainer, Singapore

As you can see here, to us, personal development doesn’t mean just positive thinking, affirmations and visualising the big mansion we want and then we will surely succeed.

This programme is all about making your hard work produce results more quickly through congruence and alignment, through helping you see the leveraging points to act on, through balancing your mind & emotions, your physical & spiritual intelligences.

You will be trained by Barney Wee & Agnes Lau

Barney is one of Asia's earliest and most advanced NLP Trainers, trained by the original developers of NLP, namely Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. Tad James and Robert Dilts.

He’s known as the Yang of Mind Transformations, his core strength being the way he lives and integrates NLP into every aspect of his life, and his ability to help people do the same, thereby significantly improving the quality of their lives.

Agnes, on the other hand, is known for her caring and calming presence to all our graduates - making her the Yin of Mind Transformations.

Her expertise in Enneagram Personality Profiling and Energy Psychology have expanded our NLP programmes to be more holistic, enabling a whole-person development through the alignment of IQ, EQ, PQ and SQ.

Together, Barney and Agnes have dedicated more than 21 years of their lives to the refinement and evolution of NLP.

The integration of NLP with 6 other Modalities (Enneagram, Multi-Dimensional Thinking, Somatic Syntax & Brain Gym, Energy Psychology, Meridian Tapping, Maps of Consciousness) is their most current contribution to the world of human development.


"If you want fast-food style NLP training, go somewhere else. If you want the REAL Thing, go get Barney! BTW, book him in advance as he is real busy!"

- CJ Ng, Business Performance Consultant, Singapore

"Attending your program is one of the best thing I've ever done. It's changed my life and of course my career. Now I left the comfort zone, resigned from corporate life and set up my training company, which "Personality" is part of it. The beginning is looking great so far and I believe this is the path that I belong. I just need to work harder than before.

Your our class has transformed most of us in the class with your authenticity - coaching session. We've transformed to become something that we hadn't ever imagined it could be real.

Thank you for being such a dedicated trainer and coach."

- Lynda Tikkavee, Co-Founder, Managing Director, Certified Trainer, Amity Solution, Thailand

The Longest Continuously-Running NLP programme in Asia (Since 1997)



training & coaching hours


hands on practice time


pages of course materials


years of training experience


NLP Practitioners trained


NLP Trainers were our graduates

Our training is recognised by the developers & luminaries of NLP. Mind Transformations' certification is accepted by the American Board of NLP, NLP University, the International Association of Coaching Institutes & others to enable you to move to the next level of your NLP Certification.

You should be clear now about the value and various modalities we offer in this programme.

And you know very well that if you want to see an improvement, you need to do something about your aspirations - the changes you’ve been talking about for a while.

What we provide you in this course is a very comprehensive development roadmap that you can complete in 28 days, spread over a comfortable period of 6 months.

We are committed to helping you start taking steps toward developing your coaching skills, becoming a more confident person, improving your relationships...

We are committed to helping you stop the negative habits that make you feel guilty before you sleep at night, stop worrying that you’re judged by developing authenticity...

Backed by the

We are very confident that NLP works, and we understand that some people may just need more time to internalise it.

This Guarantee means you can come back to refresh and facilitate in our future intakes - work on your goals, hone your skills, and keep yourself immersed in this rich, supportive network.

For those of you who can't complete ALL the days in ONE intake, you can make up for the days you've missed.

This is not run-of-the-mill NLP training, where you flank a cert and talk about the techniques you know. You will be able to walk your talk with confidence and people will notice the positive difference in you.

So the question you may have now is…
“Do I need this programme?”

From our end, we can only say this:

This course is NOT FOR YOU if...

  • You just want to sit down, listen to a lecture, download content to your brain but not do the hard work of change
  • You think that by just attending this course, by some miracle your life will change
  • You plan to do the bare minimum in this course just to get the certificate
  • You want to learn NLP to change others but not yourself

It is about you
and what you want to achieve in your life.

If you share our belief that lasting results take time, commitment and practice …

...and you’re willing to commit, block out the necessary time, and do things outside your comfort zone because you really want a definitive improvement in your life…

Then we’re ready to deliver our commitment to you.


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